Baze Chemical

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2187 FM323
Palestine, TX 75801
Total Employees: 25

Customers count on Baze Chemical to consistently deliver exceptional products that provide cost-effective solutions and measurable results, all under the strictest confidentiality.  

Baze Chemical was founded in 1993, originally know as InterChem, INC, until 2011.  

One of the fastest growing wholesale chemical companies in the industry, with a focus on a global vision and a dedication to service.  Our exceptional products and customer-centered approach have garnered Baze Chemical many long-standing relationships with leading and local chemical retailers in the oil and gas, water-treating, and mining industries.  

A commitment to quality and support has awarded Baze Chemical the capability to expand into additional markets where its products and personal approach will provide valuable resorces in emerging fields.  Baze Chemical's continuing growth leads to greater opportunities and enhanced processes which directly benefit each and every customer.