Moving to Palestine Was a Dream Come True for Tammie and Larry Flowers

Thursday, February 06, 2020

Tammie and Larry Flowers fell in love with Palestine when visiting several years ago. Originally from Alabama, the couple lived in Louisiana and had a business there until horrendous flooding caused them to lose everything. In search of higher ground, and better weather, they made their way to Palestine via Houston. “On our first visit to Palestine it was obvious that this is where we wanted to be. We put our house on the market and moved as soon as it sold,” said Tammie. What they moved to was something truly spectacular - the Neches Gardens home. This stunning Colonial Revival home epitomizes beautiful southern architecture and is a dream home for any family - especially one who loves history and charm.

Tammie has turned this beautiful home into more than a place for her family to enjoy. Neches Gardens is a Bed and Breakfast, and open for the Chamber’s annual home tour. During the holidays, the home is buzzing with excitement and is beautifully decorated.  

By opening up the guest house on the property, the Flowers are sharing the beauty of the property, and of Palestine, year round. When walking through the flowering gardens from the main house, one will happen upon a gorgeous white cottage complete with a brick patio, swimming pool, and sleeping space for five. The cottage is incredibly popular among the many tourists coming to explore Palestine. “People call all the time and want to stay, but we get booked out very quickly,” said Tammie. So quickly, in fact, that in their first year of opening they only had two months where they were not sold out on the weekends.

As a host to out of town guests, Tammie sees the incredible opportunity Palestine has as a tourist destination. She hosts women coming to antique shop on girl’s weekends, families visiting for the Polar Express and summertime events, train enthusiasts following visiting locomotives, and people visiting family in the area. “My guests are looking for restaurants, cafes and activities in downtown Palestine so there is plenty of room for us to grow as a community,” said Tammie.

The Flowers have become active participants in the community by participating in Chamber events, and by Tammie joining several local clubs. She was invited to join the Pionette Garden Club, Lady’s Harvey Club, and the Newcomers Club - all of which have been in existence since the 1950’s. Through these organizations she has met so many people and it has been an avenue to give back to the community they love.

“I love this town. It is such a sweet, welcoming, friendly town. I know all my neighbors. It’s a safe town and my granddaughters love it here. I came and got involved, joined the Newcomers Club that welcomes new people to the community and supports community members through volunteer activities. They’ve had 15 new people join since October - mostly people who are moving out of the city to Palestine to retire or to slow down their life a bit,” said Tammie.

While Tammie herself may be ‘officially’ retired, she is an active host, volunteers and also runs a business called The Enchanted Company, selling a mixture of antiques and handcrafted items. The company has been in existence for twelve years, selling products mostly online. She also has a shop in Palestine’s Old Town Vintage that is doing very well.

For their family, and for their business, moving to Palestine has been the right choice. “I am truly blessed.”

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