Palestine, TX is Ready to Support Companies Onshoring in the United States

Friday, September 04, 2020

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The Site Selectors Guild has reported an increase in onshoring requests from companies looking to bring some or all of their manufacturing to the United States. The big driver has been to avoid supply chain disruptions like the ones caused by COVID-19 and recent natural disasters. They said, “Members pointed out that the previous focus on the lowest cost scenario, which led to growth in China and Southeast Asia, will now become more balanced as companies look to reduce risk.” Members of the Site Selectors Guild went on to say that Life Sciences, Logistics and Advanced Manufacturing will emerge as “Hot” Industries in a Post-COVID World. In April, Guild members predicted that 68 percent of site searches would be in the biotech/life science sector. In addition, “48 percent of Guild members anticipate an increase in location decisions in the transportation and logistics sector, along with the advanced manufacturing sector. Rounding out the top five sectors most likely to see increased location activity are the software/information technology sector and the food and beverage sector.” Their member survey also found the most active post COVID-19 functions will be warehousing and production. These are industries where Palestine, Texas really shines. 

“Palestine’s infrastructure and market access are our biggest assets. We have an incredible opportunity to attract manufacturing and distribution companies who want to be close to the Dallas, Houston and Austin MSAs, but don’t want to deal with the heavy traffic, costs and bureaucracy often associated with larger cities. Within 2.5 hours, companies can reach millions of people, customers and suppliers while benefiting from our low cost of living and doing business. It’s the best of all worlds in Palestine,” said Lisa Denton, Director of Economic Development for the City of Palestine.

Palestine, Texas is an ideal location for onshoring companies

Onshoring companies need to find a location that boasts of a strong infrastructure and the ability to reach customers throughout the United States. When it comes to infrastructure, Palestine’s location has long been known for being robust and convenient. That’s why Walmart has located more than one of their major distribution centers here. The city is located in Northeast Texas, mid-way between Dallas and Houston at the intersection of five major highways. Companies can easily reach Austin, Dallas, Houston and the Port of Houston within hours. Given that Texas is the fastest growing state in the country, these are important markets for any company. In addition to a robust interstate system, Palestine companies can reach three ports within hours, making it easy to transport products throughout the country and the world.

Manufacturing companies in need of a strong water supply have another reason to locate here. Lake Palestine, which is located nearby, is among the largest in Texas and offers both recreation and an infinite supply of water.

Palestine has affordable sites to support manufacturing and distribution companies of all sizes. From shovel ready sites to existing buildings and a wooded business park, Palestine has the right site for onshoring companies - regardless of their needs. Our economic development office is available to provide site selection assistance and to prepare information on the advantages of locating in Palestine, along with the incentives that new and growing businesses can utilize to make the project more financially viable. 

Site selectors and businesses should consider Palestine for their onshoring needs due to the following:

#1 Transportation and logistics assets

We are at the intersection of five major highways and have rail access through the Union Pacific Railroad. Palestine also offers convenient access to three ports within hours of the city. 

#2 Affordable sites

Palestine’s sites cost less than most properties in nearby Austin, Dallas and Houston. 

#3 Strong workforce

We pull from a regional, skilled workforce that is loyal and hardworking. 

#4 Service and incentives

Palestine Economic Development will work with you to find solutions and identify incentives that will make your project more cost effective.

Contact us

Site selectors and executives should contact us to learn why Palestine is the right location to grow a business. We have prepared for growth and are ready to provide immediate and thorough assistance.

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