Expanded Incentives Support the Growth in Remote Work

Tuesday, December 01, 2020

So much about life has changed dramatically since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve upped our game with hand hygiene and gotten used to wearing a mask in public. We’ve learned a lot about food carryout and delivery. And for millions of Americans, we’ve had a crash course in remote work.

Indeed, as of an October 2020 Gallup survey, fully a third of the American workforce was “always” working remotely, and another quarter said they were working remotely “sometimes.” The share of remote workers in October was down a fair amount from what it was earlier in the pandemic, but still huge. And of those still working remotely, two thirds said they’re happy to keep it that way, at least for now. Some are content to work at home in order to stay safe, but according to Gallup, quite a few have found they just like it this way.

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