TVCC Workforce Education Survey Will Help Shape Curriculum to Community Needs

Friday, July 14, 2023

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Trinity Valley Community College (TVCC), a higher education institution that serves Palestine, is offering a survey to business owners, business employees, school employees, and community members. Designed to help shape education to regional needs, the survey will shed light on workforce demands and trends within TVCC’s respective communities.

Currently, TVCC’s programming is robust, offering programs in areas like agriculture, ranch management, business management, computer science, cyber security, cloud computing, CDL truck driving, nursing, robotics, GED training, welding, and more. Kelley Townsend, Associate Vice President of Workforce Education at TVCC, states that community feedback on existing programming and potential programming is vital to addressing local workforce concerns. “TVCC relies on its community constituents and its business community to collaborate with us, so that we can ensure that we’re offering the skilled training programs that the employers need to hire qualified, skilled employees. We have strong and active program advisory committees, but utilizing this survey with these specific questions offers a broader audience the opportunity to provide insight and perspective that TVCC has not requested before.”

What to Expect from the Survey: A Seat at the Table

Estimated to take 5-10 minutes to complete, the survey will include questions about TVCC’s weaknesses and strengths. More specifically, the survey seeks to directly address location, programming, and competition obstacles, as well as the opportunities and benefits community members might have received from curriculum.

In order to update TVCC’s educational offerings for relevant and pressing community needs, Townsend argues that many different participants should take the survey. “Trinity Valley Community College Workforce Education is in a season of improvement and we want everyone within our service area and anyone that has an opinion about what we should be doing to have a seat at the table. We are updating programs, courses and curriculum and need experts in the industry to assist us in making TVCC programs the best in the field– we want to be where students come to to obtain training in particular skilled training areas. We can only do that with our community’s assistance.”

Have a Say in Your Community Curriculum; Take the Survey

According to Townsend, information from the surveys could even potentially lead to new programs. “Information we obtain from these surveys will assist us with not only assessing and improving our current programs, but assessing the need for new and different programs we do not currently have. Survey information will allow us to assess our entire program to ensure we are indeed offering what is needed in our communities. If we are not meeting community needs, this survey offers a chance to address that and strategically make improvements and changes. This is truly putting anyone that wants their opinion heard, at the table to be heard.” 

To take TVCC’s workforce education survey, click here. Or, to learn more about Palestine’s workforce, click here. 

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