New website and location analysis tools from Palestine Economic Development Corporation

Thursday, February 22, 2018

How do businesses decide where to locate their? It can seem like simply a matter of searching for available sites and properties, but for most of them – especially the bigger ones – it comes down to data. That’s where the City of Palestine’s (TX) new online location analysis tools come in, built by industry leader, GIS Planning Inc. The six user-friendly tools on the city’s economic development website,, ensures businesses seeking locations can access and analyze thousands of data points about the county.

Essentially, businesses begin the site selection process with searches for communities that meet their criteria: demographics, labor force, talent pool, consumer spending, business, industry, tax incentives, infrastructure, energy and more. They want to drill down into this data, comparing communities, mapping industry clusters, tracking competitors and suppliers, analyzing drive time and access to shipping or proximity to commercial airports. Once they figure out a list of communities that meet their requirements, they will search for appropriate sites and properties - all with our help.


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