Accessibility like no other

Experience the unparalleled accessibility of Palestine for your business endeavors. The City of Palestine serves as a strategic hub, boasting the convergence of five major highways that extend in a pentagonal network. This unique layout allows seamless access to diverse directions, enabling swift connectivity to prominent cities such as Dallas, Houston, Austin, and Shreveport within a remarkable 3-hour radius.

Having evolved from its roots as a railroad city, Palestine maintains a robust railway infrastructure, providing businesses with an additional avenue for transporting raw materials and finished products efficiently. Air travel is equally convenient, thanks to the city's own municipal airport, and the city also be situated a mere two hours away from the bustling airports of Dallas and Houston.

For businesses seeking maritime transportation, the Port of Houston is easily accessible in under 2.5 hours, offering a swift connection for shipping products by sea. Irrespective of your business's transportation requirements, Palestine facilitates easy access to multiple Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), making it a preferred choice for major players in the industry.

Notably, renowned companies like Walmart and Budweiser have recognized the strategic advantages of Palestine's accessibility, choosing to establish major distribution centers within the city. Join the ranks of these industry leaders and leverage Palestine's exceptional connectivity to propel your business to new heights.