Palestine is Built for Business

Regardless of where an entity is on its business life cycle, one word describes the experience in Palestine: resilience! The PEDC (Palestine Economic Development Corporation) and the entire economic community work tirelessly to ensure the business process is robust and adaptable.

Business in Palestine

The PEDC is committed to strengthening its economic foundation by attracting and supporting businesses in Palestine. For those considering a move to Palestine, reach out to the PEDC today for comprehensive information on site selection or relocation assistance. We are dedicated to simplifying the process and providing the necessary support to kickstart your venture.

Palestine also invests in its own growth. The PEDC is ready to assist local businesses looking to expand their existing operations, leading to the creation of new opportunities and jobs in Palestine. Connect with the PEDC today to initiate the application process for assistance that will financially support your business vision. Together, let's build a resilient and thriving business environment in Palestine.