Location like no other!

Embark on a journey of unparalleled business accessibility in Palestine, strategically positionedlocal map as a hub of prime location advantages. The City of Palestine stands out with the convergence of five major highways intricately woven into a pentagonal network, providing businesses with seamless access to diverse directions. This distinctive layout ensures swift connectivity to key cities like Dallas, Houston, Austin, and Shreveport, all within an impressive 3-hour radius.

Rooted in its history as a railroad city, Palestine boasts a resilient railway infrastructure, offering businesses an additional avenue for the efficient transportation of raw materials and finished products. Air travel is made equally convenient with the city's municipal airport, and the city is also located just two hours away from the bustling international airports of Dallas and Houston.

For businesses eyeing maritime transportation, the Port of Houston is readily accessible in under 2.5 hours, providing a rapid connection for shipping products by sea. Regardless of your business's unique transportation needs, Palestine opens doors to multiple Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), positioning itself as the preferred choice for industry leaders.

Renowned companies such as Walmart and Budweiser have recognized and capitalized on Central Locationthe strategic advantages offered by Palestine's accessibility, establishing major distribution centers within the city. Now, it's your turn to join the ranks of these industry trailblazers and harness the exceptional connectivity of Palestine to elevate your business to new heights.

Explore the many location advantages that Palestine has to offer, or reach out to us for more detailed information. Your path to success begins with the strategic positioning and unparalleled accessibility that Palestine brings to the table.





Chart with Mileage

Distanced to Major U.S. Cities   
Dallas, TX113 milesLittle Rock, AR318 miles
Houston, TX151 milesMemphis, TN452 miles
Austin, TX176 milesNew Orleans, LA421 miles
San Antonio, TX255 milesOklahoma City, OK318 miles
Jackson, MS353 milesSt. Louis, MO663 miles
Kansas City, MO567 milesChicago, IL958 miles
Birmingham, AL584 milesLubbock, TX455 miles

  • Market Access is easily accomplished in Palestine.  U.S. 79, 84, 287, Texas 19, & 155 provide Palestine with the interconnectivity to all of Texas and the United States.

Local Map 

Local Map

Regional Map

regional map

National Map

national map



Central Location

central location

Reach More MSA's From Palestine's Central Location. If your business needs access to a majority of the MSA's in Texas, then Palestine is the location.  Most of the MSA's can be reached in 3 hours or less from Palestine. 

Rail Connection

Palestine is served by Union Pacific Railroad.  Palestine has an intersection of a north/south and east/west line. The red lines represent all the Union Pacific rail lines in Texas.