Logistics and Distribution

Forty years ago, Walmart, the Arkansas-based retail giant, made a pivotal decision to establish its first out-of-state distribution center in Palestine, Texas. This center, still operational today, stands as one of just seven of the company’s U.S.-based Fashion Distribution Centers in the Walmart network. Fast forward to the mid-Nineties, and Walmart expanded its presence in Palestine with yet another regional distribution center, contributing to the annual shipping of $2 billion worth of merchandise. Surrounding these Walmart facilities are a thriving community of wholesale beverage distributors, aerospace parts distributors, and food processing plants.

Adding to our roster of esteemed businesses, we proudly announce the arrival of LS Tractor USA, a globally recognized brand, to our vibrant community. With LS Tractor joining the fold, Palestine further cements its standing as a premier hub for businesses seeking strategic distribution locations. Bringing with it a legacy of reliability and innovation, LS Tractor enriches our diverse array of distribution enterprises.

The Union Pacific Railroad, a cornerstone of our local infrastructure, seamlessly integrates with major highways and other rapid transportation modes, positioning Palestine as the quintessential distribution center for Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Situated within easy reach of major cities such as Dallas, Houston, Austin, and Shreveport, Palestine offers unparalleled accessibility.

Furthermore, our partnership with the Texas State Railroad Authority marks a new era of possibilities in transportation logistics. Through this collaboration, businesses gain access to efficient transloading services, enabling seamless cargo transfer between rail and road, thus optimizing supply chain efficiency and reducing transportation costs.

Excitement mounts as we anticipate the development of our upcoming rail-served business park, a joint venture with the Texas State Railroad Authority. This cutting-edge facility will provide businesses of all sizes with unmatched access to rail transportation, fostering connectivity and streamlining distribution operations.

As Palestine looks to the future, our commitment to fostering a dynamic environment for logistics and distribution remains unwavering. With strategic location, robust infrastructure, and collaborative partnerships at the core of our essence, we extend a warm invitation to businesses to join us in shaping the next chapter of economic growth and prosperity in our community.