19 Incredible Experiences In Palestine, Texas

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Founded in 1846, Palestine (rhymes with “teen”) is just over a two-hour drive from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. You’ll find the Texas state train, scenic dogwood trails, antique shopping, and more than 1,800 National Historic buildings (second only to Galveston), making it a unique destination, especially for a spring weekend escape.

Remember The Legends Of The Dogwood Tree

The Romans made Jesus’s cross from a dogwood tree that used to grow tall like an oak. God transformed the dogwood tree to a slender tree with gnarled branches. The flower appeared as a cross with blood-stained nail prints at the edges with a crown of thorns in the center.

According to a Native American legend, a powerful chief demanded rich gifts from his four daughters’ suitors. Angry with his greedy behavior, the gods transformed him into a small tree with low branches. His four daughters represent the four petals of the bloom.

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