Palestine, TX has an Airport

Monday, May 14, 2018

Flying in and out of Palestine is easy for smaller aircraft. We have a municipal airport with two runways, a self-serve fuel pump that operates 24/7/365 and pilot controlled runway lighting for night flights. There is even a courtesy car available for those who need it.

Palestine Jet Center manages the airport, stores planes, and provides fuel. Each month, around 29 local planes and 35 transient planes are served here. Complimentary, overnight tie-down service is available and for those who wish to lease hangar space, that is an option as well. Land leases are available from the city for businesses looking to work with the airport.

If you have a plane and want to visit Palestine, we welcome you. If you have always wanted to fly, but don’t know how, you can join us as well. Flight instructors are available to provide lessons.

Learn more about the Palestine Municipal Airport here.

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