Elkhart Independent School District

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301 East Parker
Elkhart, TX 75839
Total Employees: 240

Elkhart Community,

The Elkhart community has a rich history of providing an exceptional education for her students.  We at Elkhart ISD are proud of our school and the academic and social achievements that reflect our shared core values.  We meet our children where they are, expose them to a rigorous curriculum, and challenge their limits in a loving, caring and nurturing environment.  At EISD our students are not mere numbers; every student counts!  They are our most prized possessions; therefore, we surpass common practice to model positive character traits, provide sound choices, and extend unique learning opportunities to build for a bright future.  Our high school students are offered the opportunity to earn college credits and certifications, and they are supported in developing firm plans for success in the military, the general workforce, or in higher education.  When our students graduate, they will have choices and opportunities because of the experiences they gained in EISD.   

As superintendent of schools, I am proud to say that our staff is comprised of quality educators who go beyond the norm to reach all children.  They are positive upbeat individuals who proudly maintain their well-established reputation for being the best in the area.  Our students are held to high standards of accountability, discipline, and good citizenship.  These factors ensure a safe and secure learning environment where “Excellence” thrives.    Elkhart ISD believes in the “ELKS” (Excellence, Leadership, Knowledge equals Success).

If you are looking for a school that will challenge your children academically while treating both students and parents with dignity and respect, contact campus administration to request an enrollment packet.  We have a few seats available for select open enrollment.  To qualify, students must be hard workers with good academic records and a history of positive behavior and good attendance.


Dr. Lamont Smith
Superintendent of Schools
Excellence Every Day in Every Way