The 2024 Solar Eclipse Will be an Economic Boom for Palestine, Texas. Here’s How to Get Involved

The 2024 Solar Eclipse Will be an Economic Boom for Palestine, Texas. Here’s How to Get Involved Main Photo

19 Mar 2024

On Monday, April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will pass across the United States. Palestine, Texas falls right within the path of totality and will experience 99.5% coverage, which makes it one of the best places in the state to see this rare event.

The team at Visit Palestine has been preparing for this event for months. Not only will there be fun, family-friendly activities, but the eclipse will also benefit business owners across the region.

“We have intentionally kept our event small for safety reasons – we have not over-advertised, so the crowds will be smaller in Palestine, relatively speaking,” says Cassie Boyd Tourism Marketing Manager at Visit Palestine. This will create a better experience for attendees who can still enjoy their visit to Palestine, and the eclipse.

The next total solar eclipse in the United States isn’t until 2044, making this a generational event. Learn more about the economic impact of the eclipse on the region.

Where to Watch the Eclipse in Palestine, TX

The official location to watch the eclipse in Palestine, TX is Reagan Park at 709 Crockett Road. Visit Palestine is hosting an event from 12 PM to 3 PM with the eclipse reaching totality at approximately 1:42 PM. While the eclipse will last two and a half hours, the period of totality is only a little more than two minutes.  

“Reagan Park is a beautiful, open space with room to view the eclipse,” says Boyd. “Visitors will be given glasses for safe viewing of the eclipse, and the event also features food trucks and local vendors of handmade goods.”  

The organization is providing viewing glasses so attendees can safely watch the eclipse. You must protect your eyes in order to watch the moon pass in front of the sun.  

“The team at Visit Palestine have done a tremendous job in putting together this event,” says Christophe Trahan, Economic Development Director for the Palestine Economic Development Corporation. “They are creating a unique viewing experience that reflects our community and will be safe and entertaining for everyone who attends.” 

How Local Businesses Can Get Involved 

Visit Palestine is still accepting vendors for the Eclipse at Reagan Park. If you are interested in promoting your business, complete the vendor application and someone will get back to you if there is space available. There is room for up to 20 vendors at the event and set up begins at 10 am. You will have a 10 x 10 space without electricity or water. Generators are not allowed.

Even if you don’t attend the event, your business can benefit significantly from the solar eclipse. There are an estimated 700 hotel rooms in Palestine and many of the rooms are already booked for the night before the eclipse. The local RV parks are also quickly selling out of spaces for the event as well.

“Local businesses should care about the eclipse because it is an opportunity to capture new customers who may have no experience with Palestine prior to the eclipse,” says Boyd. “I recommend that small businesses open their doors to the large number of potential new customers that will be visiting our community that weekend through Monday.”  

Boyd believes that because this is a smaller event, Palestine, TX will still have cell service and enough infrastructure to meet the needs of guests.

The Economic Impact of the Eclipse 

The solar eclipse will bring thousands of visitors to Palestine, TX. Some are returning to the area because they love this town, while others are visiting for the first time. The eclipse will bring money to the hotels, restaurants, shops, and other hospitality businesses in the area. In turn, this increase in business will positively impact the vendors that work with those companies.

“We are incredibly lucky to fall within the path of totality for the eclipse,” says Trahan. “Not only will business owners benefit from a natural phenomenon like this in the short term, but they can make positive impressions on visitors that will bring more tourists to Palestine in the years to come.”

If your local business is planning any eclipse-related specials or events, please let the Palestine Visitor Center know at 800-659-3484 or online at You may also email Visit Palestine will do its best to share the information and drive visitors to your business.